eBooks van Ad van der Weide

Some like it ludicrous (eBook) Some like it ludicrous, Ad van der Weide

Some like it ludicrous - wisdom of Nairda Nairda yearns for a society that is more responsible, fair, and compassionate. He thinks that it will make people happier Nairda's ludicrous wisdom cuts as deep as it is entertaining. I must have power to have freedom,...

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Sustainable-effective business processes (SEbP) (eBook) Sustainable-effective business processes (SEbP), Ad van der Weide

Business processes fail quite often because they can't adapt to changing circumstances. Often, the supporting information systems are the real culprits. Information systems can be extremely complicated and very difficult (and expensive) to change, unnecessarily, because...

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Project planning&management (eBook) Project planning&management, Ad van der Weide

Project Planning&Management (PPM)  PPM helps prepare the reader to contribute confidently and effectively when working on projects or in managing project teams. PPM aims to be a useful guide for students, consultants, managers, scientists, and others who are involved in...

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