• "Unusual, funny, enchanting and short. Truly unique and unlike anything you have ever read before."

    Stories, they have their ways. Some travel the world, others become local legends, but they may also be trapped inside a book buried on the top shelf of a high bookcase. Perhaps even in the back of a dusty bookshop, in a graveyard full of dead stories. Even then, you never know what could happen. A tall Hollywood producer might find the book fifty-three years later, read it, be enchanted by it, and make a blockbuster movie from it. The story returns from the dead and is suddenly touching the lives of millions of people. No species on planet earth has ever achieved what only stories have mastered: Resurrection.

    How do they do it? What is their secret? And can we apply this to human beings? If you are looking for answers, Resurrection Explained - Part 1 is the best place to start.

    WARNING: Reading is at your own risk. The story contains a mix of humour and religion, which is not appreciated by everyone. If you are serious about religion without ever having a laugh about it: leave this e-book on its digital bookshelf.