• `There is no doubt in my mind that fashion, designed to meet the needs and desires of the future wearer and which has been intelligently produced for the purpose of easy reuse of materials, meanwhile contributing to the lives of tailors, can in fact be profitable.

    In this book Hasmik Matevosyan shows fashion brands and all those involved in fashion today exactly how to do this. She offers a design system that helps fashion brands to start a dialogue with their target audience, build a community and design clothes based on the needs and desires of their clients. Not only the consumer benefits from this `social fashion, it would mean major improvements for all the stakeholders involved in the fashion chain.

    Retailers can benefit from this new type of fashion by adjusting their role from being solely a sales location to being an all-round service provider regarding clothes. Hasmik offers practical tools and several case studies making it easy to start implementing this shared knowledge right away.

    Hasmik Matevosyan (1987) was rewarded the title of `Radical Innovator of the Future with a design system and a business model she developed for fashion brands and retailers. Not only is it her mission to solve the huge problems this industry is facing from poor working conditions of textile labourers up to the widespread environmental pollution she also helps fashion brands to establish a high quality relationship with their customers. Hasmik is a fashion researcher, designer and a public speaker (TEDx 2014).