• Cynthia Perch has led a dramatic, adventurous, dicult life that she is not going to tell you about. Instead, she channeled some of her experiences into her ctional characters, with whom she has more in common than she cares to admit (including an aversion for root vegetables and marriage). Join Sir Diederic and his squire Arnout on their way to the Holy Land, where they ght for freedom, hone their battle-skills, and, most importantly, try to escape the ever-enduring threat of family obligations.

    Ye Gode Boke of Knightly Conduct is an unequalled, revealing but above all enlightening look into the unusual public and private life and teachings of Sir Diederic of the noble House of Mal a la Tête, told from the point of view of Arnout, his in all likelihood well-meaning, adorable puppy - ahem - squire. This magnicent work bears the approval of the Imperial Family, not to mention Sir Diederic's esteemed parents. Despite this honour it has been suggested that Sir Diederic had better never discover the content of this labour of love meant to educate the masses - or Arnout will have to take these lessons to heart and run for the hills for survival.