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  • Anglais The Emotional DNA

    Pierre Capel

    Feelings don't exist, they emerge
    When we talk about our feelings, we know exactly what we are talking about. But if we want to know how they emerge, where they come from and what they do to us, then we're not so sure. For many people, feelings are like a fog that floats through our body.
    But is that true?
    Feelings are linked to a rock-solid biochemistry, that has an enormous impact on our functioning. Not on a vague metaphysical level, but functioning directly on the ins and outs of the cells in our body, up to and including the use of DNA by those cells.
    Feelings direct a huge number of vital processes that are not only related to our health, but also have an impact on our lives and well-being; including our lifespan.
    How seriously do we take the influence of feelings and what significance do these have in our lives?
    Pierre Capel uses extensive studies to explain, in an astonishingly clear way, how feelings direct our health and how we can influence it, so that we can improve our quality of life ourselves. In our culture, we think that we are primarily rational beings, but is that the case?
    Positive and negative feelings have an incredibly strong effect on the development and course of all kinds of diseases, such as infertility, arteriosclerosis, depression, tumors, diabetes, etc., but also on symptoms such as pain and anxiety. Sports, yoga and meditation can bring about a huge positive change.

    The emotional DNA combines the magical world of feelings with molecular biology; a world that turns out to be surprisingly clear, and has, in this fascinating book, been stripped of existing prejudices.