Paul Sysmans

  • Distributors are hard to manage.
    That is what many managers believe.
    They always want better prices.
    They insist on exclusivity.
    They do not implement your strategy.
    They are too focused on other products.
    They need too much support. Getting the most out of your distributors starts with you. Improve your channel strategy and dare to challenge your distributors more. They are not only your customers. They are also an extension to your organization. Learn to manage them as such. Like the famous dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, the change does not start with the dog. It starts with the owners. And with distributors, that is you. The Channel Whisperer is a chronologic approach to improved recruitment, management and development of your potential and current distribution channels. This manager's guide is both for the experienced and novice channel managers working in a national or international B2B environment.