Eleven international publishing

  • Anglais Making Surveillance Public

    Marc Schuilenburg

  • Anglais State-Building, Lawmaking, and Criminal Justice in Afghanistan

    N. Amin

  • Anglais Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice

    Derek R. Brookes

  • Anglais The Democratisation of the European Union

    Jaap Hoeksma

  • Anglais Violent Encounters

    Marieke Liem

  • Anglais Arranging Resilience

    William Stephens

  • Anglais Narrating organised crime stories and Aristotelian principles of drama

  • Anglais Being consequential about restorative justice

    Lode Walgrave

  • Anglais Outlaw motorcycle gangs in the Meuse Rhine Euregion

    Kim C.P. Geurtjens

  • Anglais The Abstract Police

  • Anglais Restorative justice from a children´s rights perspective

  • Anglais Notes from Isolation

  • Anglais Science Poster Design Guide

    Dirma Janse

  • Anglais Breaking the bank?

    Shirley Kempeneer

  • Anglais Family Group Conference Research

  • Anglais Media Framing of Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

    Elena Krsmanovi´c

  • Anglais Criminal defiance in Europe and beyond

  • Anglais A Critical Approach to Police Science

  • Anglais Conflicts and International Crimes

    Catrien Bijleveld

  • Anglais The Praxis of Justice

  • Anglais Raising Moral Barriers

    Teun van Ruitenburg

  • Anglais International Standards on Legal Protection of Prisoners´ Labor and Social Security Rights

    Xixue Shang