He left me when I needed him the most.
So why is he standing there like nothing ever happened?
For the last three years, since the night I lost the baby, I've been living on autopilot. Barely surviving.
And now, out of nowhere, Blaze is back, throwing everything off-kilter.
I shouldn't want him. He hurt me. But he's the only man who's ever made me feel alive. He was my muse.
But if I go back to him, won't he hurt me all over again?
When I was asked to work on the sets of a movie project, I hadn't expected to run into Lola, my one love, or that we'd be working side by side.
When I fled the hospital, when I left her, I did things she'll never forgive.
But I can't put her out of my mind. I can't stay away. I know she'll never accept me, but I need her back.
She'll always be mine. Only mine.
This is the second book in the Damaged Hearts series, a contemporary romance series.

Genres : Kinderboeken algemeen > Fictie kinder- en jeugdboeken algemeen > Fictie 15+

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