Elliot Walsh ventures into the back alleys of Munich in 1777, he ventures into alleys where men service men. He is there to find a man who can suck his dick, and he is curious to find out if a man can do a better job at that than a woman. Taking into consideration that a man has an advantage in the fact that they usually have a dick themselves. He wanders these alleys under the pseudonym of Pfirsich. There he meets a man named Kirsch, this, or so he reckons, can't be the man's real name. They meet up a couple of times and when he learns that this man's real name is Andrew he still doesn't dare to hold out hope that he might want more from him as well. Their relationship is heavily thirst-driven, can it bloom into something worthwhile? Elliot does not have a family of his own anymore. For that he has a reason, it's his darkest secret. Will Andrew think less of him for knowing this secret? (18+)

Genres : Literaire fictie algemeen > Spannende boeken algemeen > Fantasy

  • Auteur(s)

    Else Schoonewelle

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    Brave New Books

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    eBoekhuis (CB)

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    Head is head

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    eBoekhuis (CB)

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    eBoekhuis (CB)

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    ebook (ePub)

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