Anglais International Standards on Legal Protection of Prisoners´ Labor and Social Security Rights


National system striving for protecting prisoners' labor and social security rights has been conducted in legislative area in many countries all over the world. And nowadays, national law concerning the protection of prisoners' rights is trying to become more substantial and in tune with international standards. Then while launching penal reforms on prisoners' labor and social security rights in the present and the future, the national legislator might want to be provided with insights and recommendations resulting from academic research. Thus, this book could facilitate them to understand to what extent experiences borrowed from international legal systems could be applied in national legal arrangements in view of an improvement of the protection of prisoners' labor and social security rights. Above all, this book seeks to provide references for national legislation, with the research findings serving as a guide for any country willing to protect prison labor according to worldwide recognized legal standards.

Genres : Theologie algemeen > Mens en maatschappij algemeen > Algemene sociale wetenschappen

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