For the first time in history, the Internationale Bauausstellung or IBA is
being held outside Germany, in Parkstad- Limburg, the Netherlands. What started as an exhibition for modern construction in 1901, has developed into an urban planning instrument that often provides a powerful impulse to the local economy, public space and society. IBA Parkstad was launched in 2014.
Through sometimes intricate, sometimes far-reaching urban and rural interventions and the cohesion of regional politan Parkstad - the patchwork - was increased and the transformation of this area accelerated.

Patchwork IBA Parkstad presents inspiring projects by Piet Oudolf, Francine Houben and reflections by Jo Coenen and Dirk Sijmons, among others, on healing landscapes and stunted cities. Lessons learned, projects and a post-IBA strategy are used to address the extent to which IBA Parkstad has succeeded in making a contribution to the rich IBA tradition.

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