Co-creative methods are increasingly used to understand and facilitate integration processes of migrants in immigrant societies. This volume aims to contribute to the debates on the ways in which co-creative methods may advance migrant integration. More specifically, the contributions investigate how co-creative research strategies can provide insights into how integration processes into various domains of immigrant society (e.g. language learning, housing, employment) are shaped, and how they can contribute to policy making and new policy practices. Because co-creative methods are relatively new approaches to research and policy making, the authors evaluate and demonstrate the pitfalls and benefits of using them. Starting with a theoretical and methodological overview of co-creative methods, empirical chapters document and critically assess ongoing research experiences and studies to incorporate co-creative methods in academic research across Europe.

Co-creation in Migration Studies analyses the use of co-creative methods in migrant research and policy making, reflects upon the conditions required to successfully implement these methods, and offers new insights and recommendations for future research and policy making practices.

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