The increasing complexity of the IT value chain and the rise of multi-vendor supplier ecosystems has led to the rise of Service Integration and Management (SIAM) as a new approach.

Service Integration is the set of principles and practices, which facilitate that collaborative working relationships between service providers required to maximize the benefit of multi-sourcing. Service integration facilitates the linkage of services, the technology of which they are comprised and the delivery organizations and processes used to operate them, into a single operating model.

SIAM is a relatively new and fast evolving concept. SIAM teams are being established in many organizations and in many different sectors, as part of a strategy for (out)sourcing IT services and other types of service.

This is the first book that describes the concepts of SIAM. It is intended for:

o ITSM professionals working in integrated multi-sourced environments;

o Service customer managers, with a responsibility to secure the business supply of IT services in a multi-sourced environment;

o Service provider delivery managers with a responsibility to integrate multiple services to meet the demands of the customers' business and users;

o Service provider managers with responsibilities to manage integrated services, participating in a multi-sourced environment.

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