In a world that challenges us with ever more complex problems, it is the quality of our thinking that is a critical game-changer in the quest of creating a sane and abundant future. As individuals, organisations, societies, and cultures, we need to foster thinking that proves to be more insightful and farsighted than anything one would ordinarily expect - making it our new norm. We must learn how to mobilise and apply intelligence that is extraordinary - one that continuously exceeds its own limits. The new VUB School of Thinking is an experimental program with the mission of challenging us all to achieve just that. Deploying an innovative combination of mobilization methods, the program sets out to cultivate the cognitive strategies, practices, and habits that are the marks of exceptional thinkers. This book invites the public to join the School of Thinking students in their endeavour. The reader will find here a variety of interdisciplinary research articles and discussions that took place in the school. It's a rare peek into a lively academic project committed to taking seriously the 'Sapiens' in 'Homo Sapiens'.

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    Marta Lenartowicz, Weaver D.R. Weinbaum

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