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Theory from scientists 60 delicious wholefood keto-recipes +14-day keto meal plan What makes this keto book different? You'll find genuine wholefood recipes, not just any healthy ingredients collected on a plate or all kinds of bakery dishes prepared with artificial sweeteners. With these simple dishes, prepared with natural ingredients, you will eat better, lose weight and not even notice you're on a keto cure. Contains delicious meat, fish, vegetarian and even vegan recipes. In this book, you'll find not only recipes but also expert guidance. Endocrinologist Professor Hanno Pijl sets out the pros and cons of a ketogenic diet for weight loss and for diabetes patients, while Doctor William Cortvriendt offers an in-depth analysis of the positive effects of a ketogenic diet on cancer treatment. More than 60 recipes, all adjusted to contain the right amounts of carbs, healthy fats and proteins, allow you to reach ketosis quickly and slim down healthily.

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