Anglais Does Your Brand Care?


If there's one thing we have learned in recent times, it's that we live in a fragile world. In the midst of the pandemic, brand expert Isabel Verstraete researched companies that seemed to deal better with the crisis and discovered a pattern behind their success. This pattern turned out to be a shift in attitude towards how they do business. These newly gained insights are bundled together in The C A R E Principles: Collaboration, Agility, Reliability, Empathy.The C A R E Principles reach deep into the structure of your company, touching your people, your clients, your communities and the world. The C A R E Principles are not a quick fix for a specific business problem. They are the key to your company's long-term success - and even survival. The many case studies in this book from companies big and small, national and international, prove that taking C A R E of something or somebody is a winning strategy.

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