Anglais Stakeholdering


HOW CAN YOU CREATE STRONG PARTNERSHIPS WITH STAKEHOLDERS? HOW CAN YOU ALIGN THEIR AGENDAS WITH YOURS? HOW CAN YOU DEAL WITH STAKEHOLDERS WHO HOLD POSITIONS OF POWER?Every stakeholder has his own objectives, interests and sensitivities. Trying to align all these things with your own agenda is no easy matter.The difference between success and failure is often to be found in your use of diplomatic skills. Searching with respect for solutions that can benefit everyone involved is the key. Stakeholdering shows you how to play this game to maximum effect.Based upon the series of practical examples, questionnaires and checklists contained in the book, you can learn how best to understand and influence your relations with stakeholders. In this way, you can allow people's competence and expertise - including your own - to be used to their full potential.

Genres : Bedrijfskunde algemeen > Management algemeen

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