In The Survival Paradox, renowned corporate survival expert Fons Van Dyck offers any manager a proven guide for lasting survival in the difficult years ahead. The key to corporate survival lies in mastering a delicate paradoxical balance between the need for change and the need for stability, consistency and continuity. This survival paradox implies that a company that unilaterally focuses on change, or sets extreme short-term objectives, is at great risk of failure. This book stresses the importance of a company's identity and culture as a compass for survival in the long run. The Survival Paradox introduces the unique AGIL paradigm: four key functions that any company has to fulfil to survive. More specifically, an immortal company knows how to ... Adapt intelligently to a changing world Achieve its goals with a single-minded strategy Engage its employees, stakeholders, partners and customers in a unique, integrated system Guard and preserve its DNA (identity and culture) over time In combining innovative original research with the story of Apple's wins and failures throughout its turbulent ongoing 40-year history, Van Dyck leads the way to mastering change and thriving in today's age of disruption. The Survival Paradox is a compelling and impassioned plea in favour of long-term thinking, and a survival kit packed with practical do's and don'ts for any entrepreneur.

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