Anglais [eBook]  Weird and Wonderful Post-Mortem Fairy Tales

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Mothmeister is the nonstop morphing alter ego of two artistic soulmates based in Belgium, home of surrealism. In their eerie Post-Mortem Fairy Tales, they portray a series of masked, grotesque characters - often accompanied by startling stuffed animals and a variety of curiosa from their private collection.Just like in the Victorian era, when deceased loved ones were photographed as a memento for grieving relatives, Mothmeister immortalizes animals in a weird and wonderful fairy-tale world.In addition to the numerous eccentric portraits in this book, Mothmeister also reveals a unique look behind the mask: from the duo's intriguing adventures in the world's most abandoned places to their untamed passion for taxidermy, masks and fascinating on-the-road images, exposing their quenchless Wanderlust.

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