The education book "Schoolveteran" tells the true story - 2017-2020 - of a Dutch family and their struggle with Suitable Education, where parents, along with their sick son, get completely stuck in bureaucracy. Consequence? Injustice due to incompetence.
A child who, despite his illness, manages to pass the third grade of his accelerated education based on his own will, discipline, and self-study. Being sick, succeeding, and then being forced to choose a different educational path? Yes ! It is the direct and 'qualitative' result of Suitable Education. Resulting in the end of a school career and a profound breach of trust in school or education at all.

"Schoolveteran" also tells the story of how a school team leader, driven by distrust, accuses the parents of child abuse and exploitation without any demonstrable or factual basis. Simply because the team leader wants control. Due to the arrogance of the school staff and its network partners, the personal choices and clearly indicated boundaries of the family are not respected. The child escapes from State Abduction by Dutch Youth Care, but is still forced to go to school, sick or not. The sick child experiences this as School Slavery. The family finds this unacceptable.

With the Ebook "Schoolveteran," the family wants to convey a message of self-reflection to the people in the education field and at Youth Care, and show the consequences that their choices can have for families. It also urges parents and their children to maintain control, so that they are not treated as criminals like this family. And above all, it encourages them to say "no" more often until a win-win situation for the well-being of their child is achieved. This starts with mutual respect, acceptance, and communication, the expertise of the author, Diana Stroeven. Also the mother of the Schoolveteran.

A book mixed with insights for win-win, joie de vivre, positivity and communication.
Simply, because it's possible !

Love being Survivor of Suitable Education ?

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