Jesus did not die for our sins - The true meaning of the crucifixion - Mary Magdalene has always been Jesus' partner - Mary states clearly that she did not conceive her child Jesus as a virgin and that sexuality is sacred - Mankind carries the trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in itself and man is Divine.

This amazing book, that the Argentinian/Dutch spiritual medium Gabriela Gaastra-Levin received from the Holy family, contains these and many more controversial Revelations of Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Mary. 'The Divinity of Mankind' comprises many new teachings of the spiritual masters; not only for Christians but for every person on Earth. It builds a bridge between the Christian body of thought, other spiritual movements and New Age ideas.

The 25 Revelations are so innovative that you will need time to give them a place in your head and heart. For instance, Mary Magdalene explains her special role for mankind. Mary states that Jesus was conceived through physical contact between Joseph and herself and that there is no such thing as the 'holy virgin'. Jesus divulges that sins do not exist in his view. They also state that every person chooses his or her own life and thus his or her own parents prior to conception and that the human soul incarnates regularly on Earth. They also explain what happens to the soul when the body dies.

'The Divinity of Mankind' is not only a book that provides exclusive insights, it is also an exercise and 'feel' book. Through the exercises and prayers you can 'sense' or 'feel' a clearer picture of yourself in order to connect with the spiritual world and thus create an energy of the heart that substantiates your own Divine nature and opens your heart in order to become a more loving person for yourself, for your fellow man and for the world.

Gabriela Gaastra-Levin (b. 1960) studied medicine, specialising in psychiatry and psychotherapy, at the University of Buenos Aires. In 1983, after graduating, she started her own practice as an anthroposophic doctor and psychotherapist in Argentina's capital city. In 1990, at the age of thirty and after spending six months in India, she settled in the Netherlands. She studied Chinese medicine, reiki and the Indian method of treatment called Ayurveda. She practices as an Ayurvedic physician and psychotherapist. Apart from her medium ship, author and training skills, she has a practice for holistic healing in which she helps people from the vision of 'The Divinity in Mankind' with their physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual process. Gabriela is now primary active as education innovator, trainer, teacher and medium for the Mary Magdalene and Jesus World School and as writer for Follow Your Heart Publishing.

Reint Gaastra (b. 1956) studied law at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Upon completing his studies he joined Achmea, an insurance company, in 1981. In 1988 he switched over to a publishing house, Wolters Kluwer, where in 1991 he was appointed editor in chief of ELAN, a magazine for company managers and commissioners. Since 1997 he has worked as an independent communication trainer and conference chairman in addition to his main activities as a journalist, columnist and part time and interim editor in chief of magazines. He's now primary active as manager, coach and trainer for the Mary Magdalene and Jesus World School and as publisher and editor by Follow Your Heart Publishing.

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