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The Flycatcher by Ravelli- an inspiring novel My name is M. Ravelli. Ive been deceived. Two men stole my name. I loved one of them, this is the story of the other. `Keep your eye on God, and your fly zipped up. This is the fascinating story of a seminary student who loves a girl and falls in love with a boy. The leaders of the monastery judged him for this double `fault. Peter is banished from the Roman Catholic community. Ashamed, the failed clergyman flees the country, where he leads a tempestuous life full of passion and deceit usually in the company of remarkable women. During the Second World War, the Nazis overpowered the flycatcher, yet he was able to save his own life by catching flies in the prison in which he awaited execution. As a crippled beggar, prisoner of the Nazis, lover of many, flycatcher and painter, he continues to yearn for the innocence of his childhood. After many wanderings and remarkable encounters through his life, Peter decides to go off in search of the two greatest loves from his life. This novel is inspired by true events

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