This interactive medical encyclopedic dictionary offers over 20,000 entries with answers on all your medical questions. This book includes over 4,000 files and articles on most common and specific health issues.

We have added an appendix with over 100 medical tests to conclude this guide. This is an ideal interactive ebook for medical students, professionals, and personal use.

Navigating through this extensive database of medical information is easy with the index and full text search option. This way all files are linked and it will guide you throughout the data in the book, but is also helpful when searching in other sources like your own prescriptions, online websites and medical books.

This information has been launched in other publications and languages very successfully and is a top-10 selling tool in medical app and bookstores.

Medica Press, an international team of medical specialists working together for over 30 years, edits the data. Home base of Medica Press is Zurich, Switzerland. This team has served many publishers worldwide with information for medical encyclopedia, handbooks, educational material and newsletters. Now this unique content is for the first time available in ebooks. None of this content has been published online and most of the time the information is more extensive compared to free data on the web, and 100% accurate and secured. Nevertheless, always consult a professional doctor with health issues. The content of this ebook is only to be used for informational purposes.

For more information please visit our website www.medica-press.com

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