Everything you need to read about management. In just one book! This compass `Got a Minute? will make you more skilled and happy as a manager. Undoubtedly you will achieve your targets more easily and with more certainty. This `masterpiece (review on Management-book) will become your `business buddy who provides answers to 8 of the most important management questions. It is clearly written, with appealing examples, practical tips and deep insights which will keep you fascinated from the first to the last page. Got A Minute effectively disproves the myth that management is complicated and dozens of books and models are required to understand the concept. In fact, the theory behind management is simple. However it is not easy to apply management theory in your everyday working practice. The additional value of this Compass is, that it will keep you on course and help you to turn your intentions into actions.   `Got A Minute?: a business buddy who accompanies you on your journey and - as hardcover or as E-book - is always within your reach.   Both authors are entrepreneurs, consultants and trainers. Since 2006 a multitude of managers have successfully improved their performance and found more happiness by participating in the management course The New Leader (www.denieuweleider.nl), developed by the authors of this book. Not only will you benefit from the valuable experiences and stories of these managers, the authors also combined insights of many different management theories, extracted their core aspects and added new insights. These theories are visualized in the 8 main themes by the use of practical tips, insights and real life examples: 1. How to recognize, increase and maintain leadership over yourself; 2. How to be able to direct your own behaviour and increase your influence on others; 3. How to dramatically improve your way of communicating; 4. How to measure and to increase the performance of your individual team members; 5. How to change the composition of your team to make it a top-team ; 6. How to make the people in this top-team cooperate, leading to top performances; 7. How to deliver a perfectly executed change process; 8. How to create more time for yourself, get a healthy balance and become happier. These are important themes that directly concern you, your people and the organization you work for. The place where you work together. All of these themes can also be applied to your private life, for the cooperation with your partner, with your family. Management: Simple but not easy! That is why `Got a Minute? guides you from `Knowing to Doing, also with the help free downloadable documents from the website www.hebjeeven.nl (available in English) With kind regards, Reinwout Schram (nl.linkedin.com/in/reinwoutschram) Toon van Mierlo (http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/toon-van-mierlo/0/908/67b)

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