[eBook]  Electronic measurement and instrumentation

  • VSSD 16 Maart 2011

This text on electronic measurement and instrumentation treats the subject in a general way by concentrating on theoretical principles relevant to all measurements, for example electrical, thermal and mechanical. Dr Klaassen follows a system science approach rather than employing the more common method of instrument description. The author deals with all the fundamental aspects of measurement, for example theory of measurement, systems of units, standards, measurement methods, data acquisition. sampling, multiplexing and aliasing. Also covered are more practical aspects of measurement, including transducers, interference, noise, AD and DA conversion and instrument data busses. This book is targeted at engineers and scientists in both industry and academia. It will be of particular interest to those active in the fields of electrical, mechanical and control engineering and will be widely used as a text for undergraduate courses. URL http://www.vssd.nl/hlf/e011.htm

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