Anglais [eBook] International Insolvency Law - Part II European Insolvency Law

International Insolvency Law offers students, academics and practitioners an authoritative and practical guide on the European laws of international insolvency. It rigorously explores and clarifies the vast increasing body of legislative rules, case law, scholarly literature and other available sources. The fourth edition has been completely updated to cover recent developments in European Insolvency Law. The book offers both depth and clarity, serving as a proper introduction and deeper exploration of the subject. International Insolvency Law has received critical acclaim from practitioners, judges and scholars alike. This is one of those reads no insolvency specialist and academic can do without. New to the fourth edition of International Insolvency Law This fourth edition now includes a detailed commentary of the recast of the Insolvency Regulation, which came into legal effect 26 June 2017. In addition to fundamental issues, the book covers over 300 contemporary court cases, exquisitely bringing the material to life. It includes cases related to Alitalia, Lehman Brothers, Nortel Network, Olympic Airlines and several cases on director's liability and transaction avoidance cross-border decided by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Met with critical acclaim The previous edition of International Insolvency Law has received wide praise from judges and lawyers, as well as academics. The work is recognized for its clarity and rigorous analysis of the many issues, rules and concepts surrounding European insolvency law. 'A magnificent book,' says the Hon. Judge Samuel L. Bufford (Pennsylvania State University). Professor Jessica Schmidt (University of Bayreuth) called it a 'marvelous work.'

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