[eBook] Pinky - 10 exiting stories

This is the Chinese edition of the famous Dutch gnome Pinky. Pinky is a little man, not bigger than your pinky. Just when Dick Laan, the creator of Pinky, doesnt have any stories left, Pinky comes to visit him. He sits on the inkpot and tells about his adventures a long time ago. Even before Pinky was married to Pinkylotje Once he was captured by toy-indians in the big house. Also, he had an exiting adventure with Hupsakee, the rewind-doll. And when Pinky wants to repear the broken teddybear in the big house, he suddenly needs to hide and crawls into the whole in the belly of the bear. But then the mother in the big house is going to mend the bear and she sews the hole with needle and thread. Will Pinky ever get out? Read for yourself!

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