[eBook]  Pinky and his friends (chinese edition)

This is the Chinese edition of the famous Dutch gnome Pinky. Pinky, a little man not bigger than your pinky, is recognizable by his white beard and his blue pointed cap. He lives with five mice brothers and Whiskers, the cat, in the big house. One day another animal joins: Wobblytail, the dog. Pinky and Wobblytail become good friends. When Pinky climbs in the schoolbag of one of the children, he ends up in the school. And Quicktail, the crow, puts the little man on top of the bookcase. Luckily, the bluebottles come to help Pinky. Also on the farm Pinky experiences many adventures. He spends the night with the chicken Aunt Whitefeather and sees her chickens being born; he meets Mrs. Oinkman, the pig, and even finds himself in the nest of the Stork family. Do you want to know how he gets back on the ground again? Read for yourself!

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